Gaming is Competitive

Competition is the act of striving against another force for the purpose of achieving dominance or attaining a reward or goal, or out of a biological imperative such as survival.

Hey, that's what gaming is all about, right?

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EverQuest World Of Warcraft

Fun Stuff

You start playing a game, you have fun, you get better, and eventually you reach a plateau.

I remember moving just so I could get CableModem which let me have a better ping increasing my sniper ability in Team Fortress.

I setup a slew of CounterStrike Servers when I was in Asia so I could get a good ping and have fun maps in rotation. I also made a "Gaming Portal" which had, among other things, all my CS Server Stats. That was the beginning of

EverQuest was a great game but almost everything required a group or more to kill. I was a Wizard and my girlfriend was a Warrior. We had some friends that we often grouped with, and there was normally somebody from our guild ( CC ) looking to do something. But there were times when that just wasn't the case, so I created a cleric and began 2 Boxing. Then I started borrowing guildmate's toons and went from 2 to 6 boxing in a short period of time.

I was hooked. When my girlfriend came over, she played the warrior (which I found to be somewhat demanding in the beginning.) I normally had a Bard on my main screen (puller, crowd control, selo-invis for making group movement easy, and songs) and setup the xkeys so that pressing a single key would "press 1" on every pc, another key would "press 2", etc. The cleric would just /target my warrior and cast a Complete Heal while the 3 Wizards would /assist the warrior and make short work of mobs. The warrior was the last in the xkeys chain so the kvm screen always ended up there, making it easy to adjust the distance from the mob, use discs, etc.

It wasn't long before 6 Boxing felt very natural. A single group became easy to control but I wanted to kill mobs that required more toons. So I kept adding more boxes. 8, 13, 32, and finally 46. We went from farming Basteon of Thunder to Qvic, Txevu and finally Anguish.

In 2005 we started playing WoW. The game had a built in scripting language which made things a bit easier. We leveled a small army and twinked ourselves silly. We leveled, we quested, we PvP'd, we raided -- we "did it all."

More to come

I plan on adding more content, perhaps explaining how I have the hardware configured, and so on. In the meantime, check out as Ellay and Xzin have quite a bit of good info there on how to get started.